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Enjoy all the Benefits of a Vita Spa®

Vita Spas® have been providing durable, efficient, and beautiful hot tubs for over thirty years. With experience behind them, their team innovates some of the best advances in the industry. From the structure of the spa to the convenience of maintenance, Vita Spas® are much more than hot water. With their hydrotherapy jet system, AquaGlo features. Wifi connectivity and Bluetooth options you can enjoy every benefit your spa has to offer.

Wifi & Bluetooth Options

With the Vita Spa App you have complete control of your hot tub.* Change filter cycles, control the temperature, even turn on the lights and jets before sliding in. You will never have to go out into the cold to check on your hot tub. Simply pull up the app on any device and make any adjustments you want!
*700 series come standard with Wifi, 500 & 300 series is an additional option.

Get a Complete Massage

Vita Spas® are designed with the perfect arrangement of jets to provide you with a massage just like you would receive at a spa. By using the five most common techniques in massage therapy, each seat is designed to improve circulation, relieve tension, and help you relax. These techniques are; effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, circular friction, and vibratory.
By utilizing each one of the techniques above, your Vita Spa is able to provide you with a complete massage right in the comfort of your back yard or home.
Vita has even taken it a step further and included hand and foot massage systems as well. This reflexology type of treatment targets nerve endings in your hands and feet that are connected to your entire body. Effectively massaging these areas is one of the keys to relaxing your whole body.

Vital Energy Insulation System

With eco-friendly insulation made with recycled natural fiber, this insulation system makes any service easy, and even has a lifetime warranty. Approved by the U.S. Green Building Council, this insulation contains no chemical irritants. It is treated with a borate based solution to prevent mold/mildew growth, pest infestation and also acts as a fire retardant. With the NEW Northern Exposure get extra insulation with an added layer of 3M Thinsulate!

Lifetime Steel Structure Warranty

The steel frame structure of your Vita ® carries a lifetime warranty. For the lifetime of your ownership, you can put your mind at ease knowing the backbone of your hot tub is covered under warranty.
(available in 500 & 700 series models)
  • 40% lighter, yet 250% stronger than traditional wood frames.
  • Weatherproof
  • Corrosion-free
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